Saturday, March 4, 2017

#BlendKit2017 Chapter 1 Reading Reaction

Reading Reaction:

Chapter 1 emphasizes the importance of conceptualization and the idea of re-design. Both of these encourage an openness to looking at courses holistically, with everything “on the table”. I think that the “enhancement” mental model fails to meet the idea of re-thinking everything in a holistic way. It tempts us to jump right to planning and substituting learning activities and assignments rather than starting with learning objectives. New technologies give us the opportunity to think about new or different learning objectives that simply were not possible in the past. Given not just advances in technology but also changes in society, the work force, the economic realities our students face and will face, etc., what is “ideal” now? I find it hard to believe that the “ideal” today is exactly the same as it was decades ago.

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